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C-sunny will be committed to providing affordable best quality sneakers.

6 years ago, I like to buy street cultural apparel such as Supreme on StockX. However, the Supreme Box Logo Hoodies costs as much as $ 600. Off-White Nike’s “the 10” series sells for up to $ 2,001.

Therefore, we can understand the difficulties and difficulties of street culture lovers.

I've bought quite a few replica shoes over time and have been scammed occasionally. Gradually, my understanding of replica shoes has different level. The replicas on the market are categorized by quality levels. Generally, they are classified from low to high as: basic replicas, mid-tier replicas, and top-tier replicas.

**Basic replicas**: These shoes resemble the genuine ones in appearance but are made with very poor materials and craftsmanship, resulting in extremely low comfort. They are often made with synthetic fibers and PU leather, and the workmanship can be rough with noticeable flaws. These are easy to spot as fakes and are usually very cheap.

**Mid-tier replicas**: These shoes offer a good cost-performance ratio, using materials that are almost identical to the genuine ones and featuring fine workmanship. They are made from first-layer leather(but not the best), second-layer leather, pigskin, etc. While they appear very similar to genuine shoes, the materials and comfort levels are good, and some small details differ from the originals. Most shoes advertised as 1:1 replicas fall into this category.

**Top-tier replicas**: These are made by molding genuine shoes in a 1:1 ratio, using the same materials as the genuine ones, sometimes even sourcing from the same suppliers. They are crafted by top-tier factories and offer 95% to 99% of the comfort of the originals. They typically use first-layer cowhide and original factory insoles. Occasionally, they may even surpass the quality of the genuine shoes. However, these replicas are rare due to high development costs and are more expensive. These are the true 1:1 replicas!

Many dishonest sellers on the market sell substandard shoes that don't match the advertised quality. Some unscrupulous sellers price their shoes at $19.9 or a few dozen dollars to lure customers with low prices, but they refuse to ship the products, scamming people out of their money. I despise these black-hearted merchants who trample on customers' trust. Everyone should be vigilant to avoid being deceived and ending up with nothing.

Special note: Popular shoes tend to have better quality replicas. If you want to buy the top-tier 1:1 replicas, choose popular models like Nike, Adidas, or collaboration styles.

As an experienced replica shoe enthusiast, my goal is to provide the highest quality replicas available and prevent customer from being scammed. If you trust me

, I will make sure you are satisfied. I aim to treat every trusting customer as a true friend, with sincerity and honesty.

In 2023, we decided to sell top quality 1:1 fake sneakers. Our goal is to sell the highest quality streetwear replicas, especially Air Jordan and Off-White. We will show you all the details of the apparel, including thread trims, logos and washed labels.

Our aim is to save you money and provide the highest quality Reps Shoes on the market