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Yeezys 700

Model: D79825
The Yeezys Boost 700 MNVN “Bright Cyan” is a June 2021 colorway of Kanye West’s popular “dad shoe” that makes use of an attention-garnering color block. One of four Yeezys 700 models under the Yeezys footwear umbrella,the MNVN stands out from the collection due to its no-sewn overlay design, bold re..
Model: D80425
The Yeezys 700 V3 “Alvah” is the second colorway released of Kanye West’s third version of the 700 model. This edition sports a decidedly dark palette in a predominantly black upper with grey accents. The construction features atonal engineered mesh base with an overlaying RPU “cage” wrapping the fo..
Model: D80381
The Yeezys 700 V3 “Azareth” is an exciting colorway of the third iteration of the chunky lifestyle shoe from Kanye West. The Yeezys 700 V3 was introduced in 2020 as the evolution of the original Yeezys Boost 700 model.Redesigned style elements include the removal of Boost cushioning in the midsole i..
Model: D80057
The  Yeezys 700 V3 “Azael” is the evolutionary third version of Kanye West’s chunky silhouette that combines vintage performance basketball aesthetics with lifestyle detailing. The Winter 2019 release finds a few noticeable differencesfrom previous Yeezys 700 models and mirrors the futuristic vibes ..
Model: D79988
The Yeezys Boost 700 V3 “Kyanite” is a March 2021 colorway of Kanye West’s evolutionary low-top silhouette. Comparing favorably to the “Azareth” colorway of the same model, the “Kyanite” also displays blue streaks in its intricatelyknitted upper that contrast the white fabric and the semi-translucen..
Model: D79941
The Yeezys Boost 700 “Enflame Amber“ is a June 2021 colorway of the second variation of Kanye West’s retro-inspired low-top shoe. On the “Enflame Amber,” the mesh base and suede overs appear in a yellowish grey hue. The bluedetailing on the vamp is similar to that of the look of the model’s original..
Model: D80103
The Yeezys Boost 700 MNVN “Bone” marks yet another coveted variation of Kanye West’s popular chunky silhouette, this time sporting a smooth, neutral look. The MNVN model is earmarked for its overt reflective “700” branding onthe mid-panel and is devoid of any sewn-on overlays. The lightweight upper ..
Model: D79895
The Yeezys Boost 700 MNVN “Orange” is a vivid colorway of Kanye West’s heralded “dad shoe” with . The model’s first form of outward branding is seen on the mid-panel as reflective “700” detailing is printed in a silver font andshines when exposed to light. Futuristic black and grey accenting can be ..
Model: D79871
The Yeezys Boost 700 MNVN “Phosphor” finds Kanye West’s popular futuristic design receiving an eye-catching neon yellow color scheme. The Spring 2020 makeup features a few notable differences from the original 700 model,including a lightweight synthetic upper with no sewn-on overlays and bold reflec..
Model: D80259
The Yeezys Boost 700 MNVN “Triple Black” is an evolutionary take on Kanye West’s popular chunky silhouette. The MNVN iteration of the 700 features the first form of branding on the silhouette, with “700” detailing across themid-panel (appearing backwards on the right shoe). Elsewhere, the design omi..
Model: D82127
The Yeezys Boost 700 V2 Infant “Vanta” is the baby sizing for the all-black colorway of Kanye West’s chunky sneaker. Mirroring the adult version of the silhouette, the construction features a mesh base with all overlays in suede, as wellas detailing in a reflective film for a touch of flash. Its nic..
Model: D79963
The Yeezys Boost 700 V2 “Cream” is a March 2021 colorway of the second iteration of Kanye West’s chunky “dad shoe.” The Yeezys Boost 700 V2 debuted in December 2018 following the success of the original 700 model. In the yearssince, and West have modified the styling of the Yeezys 700 with each iter..
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